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Our entertainment proposal is especially designed to ensure our guests always find some activity or other to suit them, whether it be as part of the more restful “Wellbeing and Rest” programme or the more active Wellness and / or sports programme. The programmes are geared towards families, not forgetting that parents sometimes need their own “space”, different to that of their children. Some examples of the activities that are provided, depending on the season, type of guest and hotel facilities, are:

Mini-club:Theme days (ecological – the sea – the farm - fruit...); water games such as the aqua-gymkhana; various activities such as: Magician for 1 day, Circus, Mini-market...
Zon@T:DJ sessions; Entertainer for1 day; Pop Academy; Tournaments...
Dynamic adults:Fun & Health (exercise marathon, dance classes, etc...); H2O Fun (Aqua-gym and other water games); sports activities (tennis, football, basketball, petanque, bowling...)
Quieter adults:Walks, outings and excursions; Health & Beauty (sun salutation, massages, relaxing sounds, face packs...); Beach & Body (beach trekking, mud therapy...); artistic workshops...

We also round off our range of entertainment by organising shows, both those given by our own entertainers and external ones performed by professionals, depending on the programme and season (Flamenco, Magic, Salsa & Brazil, etc...). We have also included a new alternative range of nighttime entertainment which we hope our guests will enjoy; the chill-out and western nights that take place in the open-air spaces which are perfect for them.

Viva Cala Marsal ! A day for the whole family when the swimming pools are inundated with colour, music and joy. The whole entertainment team and the rest of the hotel staff will give you their very best smile. After a varied programme of activities, the day concludes with the mass balloon release, a good time for making wishes!
Take the plunge and come to visit us!